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For the best party!


A cake made just for you

I love to create cake (and cookie and cupcake...) designs that are customized to you and your event. If you wish, part of the design process includes a sketch of the planned cake. This is a great way for us to communicate with each other about what to expect and to decide on the details. Sometimes one quick sketch is all it takes, sometimes there is more than one drawing. If you prefer to have me design the cake with general instructions from you so you don't have to worry about the details, we can do that too.


Inspirations for your cake can come from a dress, a theme, plates and napkins, a piece of jewelry, a book, a place, a profession or hobby, a piece of art, a color, or some other favorite thing(s). You can also share your event invitation with me, that's often inspiring. If you've seen pictures of cakes and want to show me what you like, that can be helpful in catching your vision. (I prefer not to duplicate cakes exactly, tell me your favorite elements.)


How much or how little

How many people would you like to serve? Does your crowd generally eat dessert, or will some choose to pass? Consider if you'd like some for yourself for later or to have the cake devoured. If this is an open-house style event, do you want to show off the cake for most of the event and save it for a few, or cut it early and share it with all?

The size of a serving of cake is a 1"x2" piece. It is fairly petite, and since I mostly make my cakes tall (3-4 layers of cake and 2-3 layers of filling) most people find it to be just the right size, especially if other desserts are being served. You can certainly order a cake that serves more if you'd like larger slices.

Here is a chart showing how many servings each size and shape of cake would provide. You can choose a single-tier

cake or play around with combinations of sizes for a multi-tiered cake to get your ideal number of servings. Or let the design of the cake ultimately dictate how big or small it ends up being. Another thing to consider if you will be refrigerating the cake, is if it will fit in the fridge.

size chart with prices.jpg
20190614_170535 edited.jpg
2017-08-14 14.58.30.jpg


So very delicious

What good is a beautiful cake if it isn't delicious? The way it delights your taste buds is as important as how it delights your eyes. That's why I make my cakes from scratch, layer them with delectable fillings, and cover them with yummy frostings. 


Perhaps you have a favorite cake flavor and know just what you want already. Perhaps you saw my cake menu and so many choices sound so delicious that you can't decide. (I know, it happens a lot.) All my flavors get compliments. Some people have even said I bake love right into my cakes. ❤ You can order a bigger cake with more than one flavor.


Show it off

If you're going to order a custom cake, elevate it with a cake stand. I have multiple that you can rent for just $6. If you need a few extras, I'm happy to arrange that with you. If you want to use your own cake stand or platter, you can bring it to me ahead of time and I can build the cake on it for you. If you prefer not to use a cake stand, I'll create a cake board to compliment the cake that you can dispose of.

Here are some TIPS on displaying your cake:

  • Avoid direct sunlight, and heat. Let's face it, frosting melts. Keep cakes away from warm, sunny windows. If the event must be outdoors, keep the cake in the shade. (I prefer displaying cakes indoors, even in the shade they melt on warm days.)

  • Keep it safe. Place the cake in an area your guests can see it, but isn't in a walkway or other spot where it could easily be bumped or tipped over.

  • Please consider what can be seen behind the cake. It's wise to have a nice background for photos, and enough lighting. Looking at your pictures later, you probably wouldn't want to see a trash can or messy countertop behind your beautiful cake!

  • Take your cake and/or confections out of the box they were delivered in when displaying.


How much notice I need


Delivery or pickup


Cutting and serving

The design complexity of your cake is a factor in how much notice I ideally need to make your wish come true. My schedule also gets booked quickly, so the sooner you contact me the better.


6 weeks a good amount of time for me to really plan for and make your cake and/or confections. I can generally accept cake orders 4 weeks in advance, and I prefer more than 2 weeks notice. (I do ask for payment in full 2 weeks before the event.) In some short notice cases I may need to simplify the design. I will probably not be able to accept orders that are 1 week or less away, though you can inquire.

How much time does it take me to make a cake? I get that question a lot. The answer is, it depends. The custom design work certainly varies in the time it takes to make. For example, hand-sculpted sugar flowers take more time (and skill) than piped flowers or cutouts. Some elements that take more time are hand-painted images, hand-sculpted figures, custom shapes, 3D or sculpted cakes, multiple tiers, etc. The finish on the cake may require more or less time depending on the overall feel of the cake; imagine pristine, smooth fondant versus rustic, textured buttercream. A cake may take several hours, or it may take several days - and that's not including baking or the designing and preparation ahead of time.

Coming soon: Information about delivery charges depending on location, pickup options. Number of tiers is a factor in pickup or delivery. Assembled on-site versus delivered completed. Getting your desserts the day of or the day before? Storage.

Coming soon: Serving tips. Reminder to have something to cut and serve the cake with, and napkins. Recommended utensils, I don't provide them. Plate size. The proper way to cut a cake. Garnishing cake slices. Don't fret, the most important thing: ENJOY!


How much it will cost

This is often the toughest question to answer. So many factors go into the price of a cake and other confections. The amount of time, skill, and special ingredients play a part in determining how much a cake costs. When we design your cake I will need to figure a price and give you a quote. Sometimes I can give a price fairly quickly, other times I need to work out the details first.


Here's how to get a basic idea of what your dessert(s) will cost.


I start by charging:


$4 a serving


$3.50 each


$4.50 each


$4 each


$2 each


30¢ a serving


$6 each


See Party Kits page

The price goes up from there. Depending on the design and decorations,

expect to add $40 to $200+ more.

I do have a minimum order amount of $75. A great deal of work goes into making edible art, whether I'm making something big or something small. If your small order works out to be less than that, I'll round up to $75. Thank you for your understanding.


What people are saying

The cake was amazing!  Everyone was blown away with the cake design and taste.  Thank you so much. 


Milly made our wedding cake and it was exactly what we dreamed of! She not only reviewed sketches with us and worked to make it just what we wanted, but she tested new products and tried new things to perfect the style we were going for, proving she genuinely cared and truly listened to us! I highly recommend her for any cake or dessert needs! She goes above and beyond to make her clients happy.


​We wanted to thank you for all of your hard work in preparing the special Arizona cake for Avery's open house. It was stunning! There were so many good compliments on how beautiful it looked and tasted! It was delicious!! You have an amazing talent.


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When and how to pay

I ask for a non-refundable deposit of half the total order amount at the time the order is placed. The other half is due 2 weeks before the event. (Of course you can pay in full when you place the order, half is non-refundable.)


I accept cash, Venmo, CashApp, Paypal, credit/debit cards (via Paypal by email invoice) and checks.

Let's Do This!


So excited to get started

The best way to order a cake or confections is to contact me! Here are some options: 

Send an email | Send a Facebook message | Book a consultation coming soon! | Make a phone call

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I usually need a little time to work up a quote for you, so I may not be able to do that right away on the phone.

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